last revised 6/14/2018

campus contacts

Students are instructed to contact Assistant Provost James Brailer in the Office of International Services at jbrailer [at]


institutional websites

  • Mostly general information on DACA but includes some Johns Hopkins-specifics as well


student initiatives

No information available.


institutional Policies

We also will continue to take steps to protect the privacy rights of our students, faculty, and staff. The university will not provide information about the immigration status of members of our community unless required by law. In addition, our safety and security officers do not and will not request information regarding citizenship, nor enforce federal immigration laws without a specific court order; and we will not permit law enforcement or other officials to access private spaces on our campuses to enforce immigration laws absent a valid warrant or court order.
— Source:; Accessed: 6/14/2018

financial support

For students who are directly affected by the decision to end DACA protections, we will provide emergency aid or other financial support to ensure they can complete their degrees at Johns Hopkins.
— Source:; Accessed: 6/14/2018

legal support

The University of Baltimore School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic has offered to assist JHU DACA beneficiaries.
— Source:; Accessed 6/14/2018