last revised 6/13/2018

campus contacts

Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education

MSN 2F6 Student Union Building I, Suite 2400

odime [at], 703-993-2700


Student Support Coordinator, Paula Alderete

  • odime [at] with the text ATTN: Paula A in the subject line, also paldert [at]


Mason Dreamers -


Ally Directory


Instutional websites

  • Official and extensive GMU website containing internal and external resources

  • Statement on the DACA Decision by President Ángel Cabrera 


student initiatives

  • Officially recognized student organization


institutional Policies

From University president, Ángel Cabrera:

It is now more important than ever that we continue to be an example of civility and inclusion, a place where we can all thrive together regardless of where we come from. This is not only the defining characteristic of our university; it is the hallmark of American higher education.
— Source:; Accessed: 6/13/2018
If you are prospective student with DACA applying to Mason, the Freshman Application now has a “blank” citizenship requirement option. If a prospective student leaves the Citizenship question from the scroll down menu “blank” and answers “Yes” to DACA, it will direct applicant to a page where DACA information can entered. It will no longer direct you to the International Student Information page, and you can submit it when complete.
— Source:; Accessed: 6/13/2018

financial support

  • Information on scholarships, general resources, loans and payment plans.

  • Excellent source of additional information on finances.

  • Information about the Stay Mason Student Support Fund, a source of temporary and short-term financial assistance.

  • Appealing for in-state tuition


legal support

No information available.